The cheapest electricity is the electricity you don’t use.

Energy Usage Evaluation

We first do an analysis of your energy usage to see how much you use and what the cost is.

Roof Evaluation

We do a full roof evaluation to determine the life left in your roof and if it will last as long as the solar system that will be sitting on top of it.

Solar System Design

We custom design every solar system based on your usage and roof evaluation to best fit your power needs now and in the future.

Complete Financing

64 Solar offers the best financing options that don’t necessarily cut into your existing credit lines and can offer a no cost solar system with reduced energy bills.

Energy Audit

Solar power is less expensive then utility power but the power you don’t use is the cheapest power of all. We offer full energy audits to cut your usage prior to going solar.

System Maintenance

64 Solar offers yearly maintenance and complete system monitoring.

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