Save Up to 50-90% Off Your Utility Bill Simply by Going Solar

Solar is an investment that has a predictable payback without risk, and there are many ways to obtain solar with little to no upfront investment while remaining cash positive from day 1.

Here at 64 Solar, we’re not out to sell you the biggest solar system money can buy, which is what we’ve seen happen with other solar companies out there. Instead, our goal is to find the most efficient solution possible, whether that’s solar panels, our unique SonnenBatterie solution, smart plugs and LEDs or a unique combination of all them depending on your home and your needs.

The easiest way to determine what is right for your home is to speak with one of our Energy Consultants. Each of our consultants are have a minimum of 10 years of energy experience, so you will be dealing with a true expert who will meet with you personally to perform a full energy audit, for free, to find the most efficient solution for your home or office.

At the end of the day, the higher your electric bill, the more money you can save. Our consultants have a minimum of 10 years of energy experience, so you will be dealing with an expert who can help you through the entire process from start to finish. The sooner you start, the sooner you save.

Our Testimonials


Joseph T. McDonald, Jr.

Solar 64 has completed two photo-voltaic projects for our company; one in Connecticut and one in New York. As expected, they successfully managed all municipal and regulatory requirements, with very little effort required on our part. The projects were completed as promised, the installers worked 'clean', and any follow-up items have been addressed quickly and professionally. If we pursue future solar projects, 64 Solar will clearly be at the top of our list.

Joseph T. McDonald, Jr.
Vice President & CFO / Pepsi-Cola of the Hudson Valley
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